Playing at the paddy power casino

The Brighter Side of Current Online Casinos – Many casinos attracts customers by offering them bonuses to keep them glued in front of systems. They also give us innumerable options of providing more games which makes player not to get distracted and play one after other with winning cash prize opportunities.


Types of Bonuses at the paddy power casino

Welcome Bonuses

To attract customers welcome bonuses are provided for them to experience sense of attachment towards game. This includes first deposit welcome bonus, second deposit online bonus etc. If a player who pays more than a standard initial amount will get high benefits of welcome bonuses.


Referral Bonuses

Both the parties the referral and referee stand to gain with referral bonuses. It is after the successful completion of all the gaming requirements such as depositing the initial amount and using the same to play the game, referee enjoys the benefit through the referral bonus.


Insurance or Cash back Bonuses

The percentage aggregate of all the losses that the gamer has incurred as part of his cumulative gaming activity comes in the form of insurance or cash back bonuses. These types of cash back bonuses are offered to the player through the online casino interface.


No deposit bonuses

Identified as the most famous form of bonus, the No Deposit bonus, in line with its very name can be taken without the player having to make any sort of an initial deposit as his own money called the No deposit bonus. And the premise of this form of bonus is linked with attracting new players to the online casino.


Non-cashable bonuses

As the name suggests, the non-cashable bonuses come in the form of “sticky” or “phantom” bonuses which get added on to the balance of the player. However, this comes with a condition that this bonus cannot be exchanged for cash. To speak of the basic difference between a “phantom bonus” and the “sticky bonus”, the former stands to lose its importance when the player loses out in contrast to the “sticky bonus” which carries on or sticks to the player’s account until the entire bonus is used up or expires after his defeat. Visit to get started today!


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